About Us

Hanson Medical & Protection are a dynamic team of specialist independent financial advisers dedicated to providing tailored financial planning solutions to doctors at every stage of their career.

Expert financial advice for doctors

Hanson Medical & Professional advisers have been working exclusively with medical and dental professionals since 1996.

Our financial advisers have a wealth of experience with their knowledge based on an understanding of the complex financial planning requirements of doctors. Central to our service is our excellent understanding of the largest financial product you will ever have, namely the NHS Pension Scheme and its benefits.

We fully understand your career structure and are on hand to help and advise as your career progresses. We excel in each of these areas and can offer advice on:

Financial advice for doctors – helping you meet personal objectives

Here at Hanson Medical & Professional, we combine the specialisms of various parties to ensure the service we provide is expertly tailored to your needs. We combine our services with those of a range of professional advisors including chartered accountants who are specialists in the medical profession.

We will help you achieve your goals by developing a financial plan for your individual situation. It will:

About Hanson Financial Partners

We advise over 10,000 private clients and 140 corporate clients using the trading styles of Hanson Wealth Management, Hanson Medical & Professional and Police Federation Mortgages. We are endorsed by the Police Federation of England and Wales to advise Police Officers and civilian staff. Home Office approval for the use of ‘Police’ in our trading names is registered at Companies House and with the Office of Fair Trading. We also have a team of specialists able to advise members of the NHS on their benefits scheme and personal financial planning options.

So whatever it is you need financial advice upon I am sure that we will be able to help or at the very least point you in the right direction!

Our Charges

We want all of our clients to feel comfortable in the knowledge that the advice and support that they receive will always be provided with their needs as our priority. Not all clients want the same things and so we offer a menu of services with our charges tailored to the needs of the individual.

We offer a choice of paying for our services by fees, by commissions or a combination of these options. Clients are never committed to a penny in charges until they have been agreed in advance. The decision on the method of payment will always be made by our clients and will be appropriate to the amount of work and professional expertise involved.

Our Standards

Hanson Wealth Management advisers follow a programme of Continuous Professional Development.

We have advisers at all stages of professional development from the Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate level to Diploma level and up to Chartered Level.

We will ensure that the advice you need will be provided by the most suitably qualified advisers.

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