Locum Insurance

Income protection for Hospital workers

Frequently Asked Questions about Locum Insurance

We offer a wide range of comprehensive locum insurance plans. Our Locum insurance policies are General Practice specific and are underwritten by insurers including, AXA, Royal Sun Alliance, ACE, AVIVA and Ageas.

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Locum Insurance Key Facts

Locum Insurance provides cover for GP Partners, Managing Partners, Salaried GP’s, Practice Managers and other members of staff in the event of an accident, illness or absence.

As specialist independent medical financial advisers we are able to compare all locum plans on the market. We do not sell our own products but offer access to appropriate plans from major insurers.

The benefits and key features of our recommended locum insurance plan providers are explained here.

What Is Locum Insurance?

Locum Insurance provides cover for GP Partners, Managing Partners, Salaried GP’s, Practice Managers and other members of staff in the event of an accident, illness or absence.

Your practice agreement should indicate the time at which the Locum would be required. This is the point where the remaining partners can no longer shoulder the workload of the absent member of staff or partner.

There are various levels of benefit, deferred periods and cover you can select when deciding upon the Locum & Absence Insurance cover you need, not just as a practice but also on an individual level.

You choose what benefit you need for your Locum Insurance.

  • the deferred period before the payment of benefit is needed
  • you can have different benefits for different staff members
  • special requirements can be covered.

What typical expenses are covered?

  • The costs of employing a Locum
  • Salaries and wages
  • Overtime / Extended Clinic hours
  • Equipment rental
  • Utility bills (electricity, water etc.)
  • Rent / Loan payments

Following a claim the weekly benefit can be used to cover the cost of any practice overheads and the benefits can continue for up to 52 weeks.

What is covered under the absence based locum Insurance?

When one or more partners or key members of staff is absent because of accident or sickness for an extended period of time it can have a very disruptive effect on the practice. Without the right type of insurance, it may prove incredibly costly.

The Locum Insurance policies we can source offer flexibility and a comprehensive range of benefits.

  • Absence-based policies mean that pre-existing conditions may still be covered as long as they have not led to a continuous period of 10 days absence in the previous 12 months before the policy’s inception.
  • No locum receipts are necessary for the majority of claims
  • Group Discounts available (3 or more people covered).
  • Multiple deferred periods available in line with your Practice Agreement
  • Jury Service, Suspension from Duty and Revalidation also covered.

Locum Insurance Significant Features And Benefits

Specific benefits vary from insurer to insurer so you can be sure you’ve got the right policy for your circumstances.

Locum Insurance

  • Eligibility – All employees of the medical practice under the age of 70
  • Benefit Policy – You do not have to hire a locum/temp to claim benefit
  • Claim Deferred Period – Also known as the excess period, you choose the number of continuous working weeks after the first day of absence, before any benefit is payable (Choose from 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 13 or 26 weeks). The higher the excess period, the lower the premium
  • Phased Return – If an insured person returns to work under a phased return, we will continue to pay benefit at a reduced rate of 50% for up to 7 working weeks
  • Recurring Illness – When staff return to work, but the same illness recurs within a defined period no excess period will apply to the subsequent absence
  • Stress Cover – Included as standard
  • Compassionate/Bereavement Cover – no excess period applies. Up to 4 weeks benefit towards the cost of hiring a locum/temp
  • Maternity/Adoption Benefit – A lump sum benefit of up to £5000 paid after return to work
  • Pregnancy related Illness Cover – Included as standard
  • Paternity/Adoption Benefit – No excess period applies. Up to 2 weeks benefit paid
  • Jury Service – no excess period applies. Up to 52 weeks benefit paid
  • Suspension Benefit – subject to a deferred period. Up to 52 weeks paid in the event of suspension from duty
  • Option to Guarantee Premiums – Fix your premiums for 2, 3 or even 5 Years
  • Winter sports covered as standard
  • Needle-stick cover – Included as standard
  • Accident or Injury – Lump sums of up to £5000 payable on some plans